Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Using Bloglines to subscribe to podcasts and webfeeds

Webfeeds are the plumbing that makes the Internet flow in my view. Here is a brief demo of how to set up and use Bloglines to tap into that flow.


An overview of BlipTV and why it is so Web2.1

Monday, August 21, 2006

Creating an image stack with GIMP

The free and open source alternative to Photoshop is GIMP. I'm quite liking GIMP these days. Give it time, flush that Adobe hole in your pocket out of your system, and GIMP comes through with the goods. Here, I am using GIMP to create a simple image stack with layers. I use image stacks for slide show type resources.

PB Wiki

I don't use peanut butter wiki actually. I prefer wikispaces.com or a mediawiki like Wikipedia - but some people like PB

Videora iPod Convertor

How to use Videora to convert videos to the MPEG4 format ready for playback online or in a portable player like the iPod Movie

http://www.videora.com/en-us/Converter/iPod/ = the download page


Wikipedia is the be all and end all!

Audacity and LAME

The free and open source audio recorder and editor Audacity needs a little plugin before it can export files to MP3. Its a one of thing to do - but for those not used to installing software and plugins, it can be a bit tricky.. here's how.


Odeo was a pretty cool web service where you could record audio to, and upload audio to - giving you a URL for audio blogging or podcasting. Lately though they've started adding ads in front of your audio :( if only all services could be like Blip!

Joe and Leigh on Unyte

Unyte is a little plugin for Skype that enables users to look at each other's screen. Known as application sharing it is a great way to communicate online.

Making hyper links

Making a hyperlink using a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor.

Using Canstudio

Camstudio is a free and open source screenrecorder for Windows. I hope they bring one out for Linux soon. This is a demo of how to set up your Camstudio to record a region of the screen and to track your mouse. This is important if you are going to compress your video - rendering a full screen recording useless.